Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Man, It's been a busy week

I'll be updating with my illustration stuff soon, but first!

Komo Kun! 

I'm a little sad because I honestly thought I had another week to work on this guy.  I am happy with the inkwork, notsomuch with the paints.  He didn't warp as badly as most watercolors do in my care, but enough to cut off the bottom half-inch of the paper in photo.

This was done for my African art history class, and a brief rundown- One of the masquerades that is danced in the Mali/Guinea region can be thought of like a Batman or a monsterous police agent.

Basically these guys don some blood and tar-encrusted masks made of animal parts and scold/punish people who have done wrong in the community.  They are well-respected and feared in their tribes, and often the most powerful are blacksmiths.

I don't really wish to re-write a full report, but go ahead and look up Bamana Komo headdresses sometime if you are interested.  They are really cool and ugly looking things.

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  1. This is really cool! I love the splattery watercolorness! ;P