Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday before vacation

Hey, we are learning about color adjustment stuff today.

Started off with some basic recoloring.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


The power keeps going out
I burnt my hand

But I will endure!  I had a mis-read about the eye due and *painted* it.  Oops.  Here's a zoom-out of the original.  Not owned by me, of course.

Three value and color studies to come, as well as a practice painting!

It has fruit and a candle.  I still have plenty of practice to do.

I feel that the fourth composition was the strongest and most true to my sketches, so I stuck with it.  Here are some value studies for me to decide how I am going to ink/paint this.

I think the first two are stronger.  I like the contrast in the second one, but not the obstructions in the glowing water.  Maybe a combination of these two?

Alright for color studies I wanted to try something for each value study.

I am seriously preferring the bottom-lit as opposed to a center-lit piece.  I like the monochromatic blue better, but I could add a little warmth to the 'water' perhaps?  We shall see.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Man, It's been a busy week

I'll be updating with my illustration stuff soon, but first!

Komo Kun! 

I'm a little sad because I honestly thought I had another week to work on this guy.  I am happy with the inkwork, notsomuch with the paints.  He didn't warp as badly as most watercolors do in my care, but enough to cut off the bottom half-inch of the paper in photo.

This was done for my African art history class, and a brief rundown- One of the masquerades that is danced in the Mali/Guinea region can be thought of like a Batman or a monsterous police agent.

Basically these guys don some blood and tar-encrusted masks made of animal parts and scold/punish people who have done wrong in the community.  They are well-respected and feared in their tribes, and often the most powerful are blacksmiths.

I don't really wish to re-write a full report, but go ahead and look up Bamana Komo headdresses sometime if you are interested.  They are really cool and ugly looking things.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Testing out drawing from scratch on the tablet.

It's much more difficult than I anticipated! This is a *spoiler boss* from Digital Devil Saga 2, as challenged.

Back to work I go.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Class stuff

Learning about value composition.  We tested out some effective ones and i'll post as we go.

Project 3: Sketchbook improvement

I waited for a while for the professor's approval on this image idea, but having no reply...

I went and did it anyways!  After thumbing through some old sketchbooks I came across some great ones, but this one stuck out.  It was fun to re-sketch and recalling the dream I had involving this was interesting.

The idea is based very loosely on the snake-person Vasuki.  I am not sure why my brain twisted it as so, but basically I was travelling underground searching for something important, and I came upon a cavern that was 1. waterlogged 2. the water was *glowing* and 3. it was the home to this giant....multiarmed snake dude.  Who was very offended at me entering.

Most of the dream consisted of me trying to convince the dude that I deserved to live, and it ended up turning into a really philisophical conversation.

I won't bore people with the details, but know that it was rather vivid and...quite scary, actually.

The first and fourth ones remain my favorites, and the fourth being a re-do of the original sketch.  I still feel it is the strongest.

I will upload the greyscales of these later on, but I need to get some sleep.

Edit:  The idea has been approved!  I will likely be working on the fourth example, but we shall see what happens.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


So last week I was assigned 5 eyes to work on. I didn't finish those five on time.

However, I will post them with this week's eye.

Hopefully this resembles Napoleon
In addition, I have started on project 03 and will update this post with the sketches in a bit. It's been a busy "day off'.
Van gogh style

Friday, November 5, 2010

More spheres!

I fixed some things wrong with my project! 

Here are more spheres, continuing from last week.


What did I learn last night?  Four things.

1.  Although your idea may be much better than before, it's really difficult to re-do a project in two days with a total of five classes.

2.  Even if you spend over an hour on it, there is no good way to halftone gradients.  Everything just merges together.  This makes me sad.

3. My printer is still extremely defiant.

4.  Listening to idiots recording a let's play is a great way to make hours of work fly by.

Edit: I have another one!  Fire is nearly impossible to vectorize.