Thursday, November 18, 2010


The power keeps going out
I burnt my hand

But I will endure!  I had a mis-read about the eye due and *painted* it.  Oops.  Here's a zoom-out of the original.  Not owned by me, of course.

Three value and color studies to come, as well as a practice painting!

It has fruit and a candle.  I still have plenty of practice to do.

I feel that the fourth composition was the strongest and most true to my sketches, so I stuck with it.  Here are some value studies for me to decide how I am going to ink/paint this.

I think the first two are stronger.  I like the contrast in the second one, but not the obstructions in the glowing water.  Maybe a combination of these two?

Alright for color studies I wanted to try something for each value study.

I am seriously preferring the bottom-lit as opposed to a center-lit piece.  I like the monochromatic blue better, but I could add a little warmth to the 'water' perhaps?  We shall see.

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