Thursday, October 21, 2010

Alright, homework for this week!

First, I'd like to thank Gina for photographing my old, terrible looking shoes.

The pictures is posted there, but for reference, you can tell they are my shoes because I still wear adidas...with 4 year old black paint on them.
Eye photograph: It be huuuuge, and not the best.  Seriously, I need a new digital camera.  You think my shoes are old?

And lineart!  I had to abandon the batman idea, but I do so enjoy animals attacking people for justice.

You know those people who go camping and don't properly bear-proof everything, leave their trash everywhere and everyone *else* suffers from it?

Well I present to you the bear that is sick and tired of loose trash at his home!

I'm not great at slapstick.  I'm more deadpan and sarcasm.  However, my attempt!  In case you can't read it well (because my comic skills are minimal):  Panel one is a dude bagging some trash.  Panel 2 is him disposing of it improperly and off of a cliff.  Panel three is when he gets back to the camp, a bear throws the trash bag (now open) and it collapses the tent.

Mad bears are...kinda scary!

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